With our series on storms, we knew there would be more material that we would like to cover than we could possibly engage on a Sunday morning. Also, we knew that the storms we’re facing would require a multi-faceted approach.

We are also excited to share a number of resources with you, in the event that you’re looking to dig deeper into this topic or you discover you need further help navigating epic storms in your life.

Material will be added to this page throughout April and May 2020.


If you want to rewatch a message that Pastor Scott shared during this series, please visit our Sermons page. Those messages are uploaded by 4pm each Monday.
Each Wednesday at 12pm MST, we go live on our Facebook page. One of our worship team leads us in musical worship and Pastor Scott shares a short devotional. During the Unsinkable series, his devotionals will continue our Unsinkable study. Those devotionals will be posted on our video archive page by Wednesday 5pm for those who are not on Facebook.
Robyn Coffman’s book Surviving Epic Trials inspired our Unsinkable series. She launched an online course to go along with the book on May 3, 2020. To learn more about the course, visit SurvivingEpicTrials.com
We obtained a limited number of an earlier edition of Robyn’s workbook. Those will be available for sale on Tuesday, May 12, from 2-4pm at our Rosser Campus (700 W. Rosser in Prescott). Each copy is $20 (cash or check accepted). 


(this PDF guide walks you through 15 questions to ask about the storm you’re in the middle of or recently finished?) – a resource from Robyn Coffman’s Surviving Epic Trials course.
(this PDF chart outlines over a dozen of God’s attributes along with 50 Scripture passages which describe those attributes) – a resource from Robyn Coffman’s Surviving Epic Trials course.
(this PDF guide walks you through four prompts to spark your thinking as you write the story of God’s faithfulness to you during an epic storm.) – this resource was inspired by content from Robyn Coffman’s Surviving Epic Trials course.
(this chart will help you consider how you’re working through your storm, in healthy or unhealthy ways.)
(this PDF guide walks you through Reinhold Niebuhr’s prayer in practical ways)
(this chart will help you reflect on how you’re navigating the latter days of your storm)

We are grateful to live in a city with a number of trustworthy Christian counselors. If you feel like meeting with someone would be a wise next step for you as you navigate your storm, we’ve included a list of counselors we’ve vetted and trust. 

Joey Coffman (10|10 Ministries) – (928) 232-0544

Elizabeth George-Heinrich – (928) 308-9557
Kyle & Stephanie Rosebaugh – (844) 384-7223


Since every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday at Cornerstone, we often meet people who weren’t here when we taught through a series which touched on a different but related topic. 
In the Wilderness – a series about what God does during the times where He feels distant and life seems hard. Throughout the Bible, God met people in the wilderness and changed them in the process. (based on the wilderness experiences of Hagar, Moses, and Elijah)

Kill the Spider – a series about breaking free from our destructive habits and defeating the lies which have held us back (this series was inspired by Carlos Whittaker’s book by the same title).

Flawed Families – a series about the flawed families we’re all apart of and how God heals us from our family wounds (based on overlooked passages in the Old Testament).

Like Jesus – a series about the ways we’re tempted in wilderness seasons (based on Jesus’ temptation in Mark 1 and Matthew 4).