At Cornerstone Christian Preschool we care deeply about the daily care and education of your child. We take seriously the responsibility of being a positive, God-honoring influence in the life of your child during their training and development.
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  • We believe and teach God’s Word in the preschool curriculum.
  • We believe that each child has the potential to learn and develop.
  • We believe that a friendly, positive Christian atmosphere will promote a desire to learn.
  • We believe that the dignity, uniqueness and self-worth of each individual should be recognized and nurtured at school and at home.
  • We believe that the child’s experiences in school are an integral part of life and should prepare him/her for a worthwhile future.
  • To provide a balanced program of spiritual, physical, social and early learning activities for the preschool child.
  • To provide children with the basic skills needed to transition into kindergarten.
  • To teach children to interact successfully with one another in a play or social setting.
Goals Continued
  • To develop understanding of the Bible and its application to everyday life.
  • To treat all children equally regardless of race, color, religion, natural origin or ancestry.
  • To meet all licensing standards required by the State of Arizona.
  • To provide an educational experience to children of ages 3 years until they enter kindergarten.
  • To cultivate in all students the appreciation of both the responsibilities and benefits of citizenship in a democratic society.
  • To help develop within all students the ability to make wise choices and form independent judgments.
  • To provide each student the opportunity to contribute according to his/her capacity and accept the contribution as important.
  • To adjust course content to the abilities of pupils within the class so that the desirable basic skills and knowledge are acquired.
Preschool Number:  928.771.2754