It’s the best sermon ever given by the best preacher ever. Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5-7 has been commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount. 
But as famous as this message is, it’s one that Jesus’ modern followers struggle to embrace and apply. Many ignore the commands of Jesus included in Matthew 5-7. 

-It’s impossible to obey. No one can live like this.

-Jesus was illustrating a perfect life and how none of us ca attain it.

-Jesus told us to turn the other cheek but we only have two cheeks.

-These commands aren’t practical.

-If we do these things, people will walk all over us.

-This is no way to survive in a dangerous world.

Starting October 18, we will be marinating in the words of Jesus and considering what might need to change in our lives today if Jesus really was serious.
Daily Reading Guide 
We are encouraging everyone who calls Cornerstone “home” to read through Matthew 5-7 each week. Click on the vertical image below for a wallpaper to use on your phone. Click on the PDF Link for a printable sheet which includes suggested translations to read from each week.
The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard (Pastor Scott’s Top Recommendation for Studying the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom of God)
What if Jesus Was Serious? by Skye Jethani (the story Pastor Scott tells at the start of Week 1 of this series comes from Skye’s book as does the title of the series)
The Good Life by Derwin Gray (a great book on the Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12)
***We will continue to add resources to this page throughout this series.