Evangelical Free


The term “Evangelical Free Church” can often be confusing. Here’s what it means. Cornerstone voluntarily associates itself with the Evangelical Free Church of America (the EFCA). The EFCA is not a top-down denomination. It does not own our building or determine who we hire. The EFCA is a voluntary association of hundreds of like-minded churches. Together we are able to pool our resources to plant churches and have a Christian college, seminary, missions agency and other ministries.

Here’s what the words Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church mean.

Cornerstone: The Apostle Peter wrote, “I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in Him will never be put to shame” (1 Peter 2:6). Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our faith (see also Ephesians 2:20). The truth that Jesus is the one who provides the only way to God is the rock around which the church is built.



Evangelical: This word simply means that we teach salvation by faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. It also refers to our commitment to the spread of this Good News (or Gospel) and to the Bible as the only safe and sufficient guide for faith and life.

Free: This refers to our belief that each local church should have the right to govern its own affairs, free from state or denominational control. At Cornerstone, we also use this word to emphasize that salvation is a free gift that cannot be earned but only received through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church: While this may seem like the simplest term in our name, it is often the most misunderstood. A church is not a building. It is a gathering of people committed to Christ. It is a family of people seeking to grow in their relationship with God and one another. It is a body of people gifted by God to serve one another in ministry, led by Jesus Christ and guided by the pastor and elders.
For more on what makes the EFCA distinct from other denominations, check out this resource.