Worship Community

We have a saying at Cornerstone…“We don’t want to be a big church or a little church—a traditional church or a hip church—we just want to be a church where Christ is truly the leader.” We hold tight to this core value as a worship community, and gear our services toward a multi-generational service.
Whether you’ve been involved with worship music for years, or simply have a willing heart, we’d love to have you join our team! For our Audio/Visual teams, we first plug people into a shadowing position, to simply learn and/or watch behind the scenes. We’re passionate about making sure you’re passionate about where you’re serving, so shadowing is also a great first step if you’re not sure where you would fit quite yet. God has gifted you to bring something unique for His glory, so we’d love to help you find what that is! For vocals/instruments, you can set up a meeting/casual audition with our Worship Director, Jamie Parker.
We would LOVE to have you serve with us. To get involved with the worship ministry at Cornerstone, or learn more, email