Service Status – “A Go” As Usual

With winter weather upon us in the greater Prescott area, we have created this page to give updates on the status of our services. 99% of the time, weather is wonderful in Prescott (or at least easily manageable), but every so often we get a bad storm and would like to give a landing page for people to look to for updates.
We value gathering together as the local Church (Hebrews 10), will do everything in our ability to lead the services, and would love to see you–however, safety is our first priority and we advise you to always use discernment in your ability to join us in person. If you cannot join us physically, we invite you to join us by streaming in live HERE
– 6:30 am  We are at the Performing Arts Center and preparing for our services as normal.   Main Roads are clear for the most part and the parking lot of the PAC is clear although mushy and wet.  Please be careful.  We plan to hold services as usual and hope to see you this morning!