Each year Cornerstone intentionally invests tens of thousands of dollars into worldwide missions. God has enabled us to support 11 missionaries in 6 countries, on 5 continents. We partner with these servants by praying for, encouraging, financially supporting and even visiting them around the world.

Christ came into the world to rescue humanity. Then He built His Church to continue the rescue mission. Christ empowers every one of his followers to “go and make disciples.” In that sense, Cornerstone has hundreds of missionaries here in the greater Prescott area.

In short, we are committed to intentionally investing our lives, our fortunes and our efforts in joining God’s rescue mission–around the world and here at home. This isn’t an afterthought. It’s our purpose on earth. And as such, it’s one of our defining “Four Corners” at Cornerstone: Rescue.

In 2014, Cornerstone entered into an association with Church on the Rock and the Sara Rose Foundation of Kitwe, Zambia.

For a list of supported individuals and families serving throughout the world please contact us.

Czech Republic Update

Miranda Berg missionary to Czech Republic will be giving an update on her ministry with Youth with a Mission on Saturday evening, January 20 at 6:30 pm at the Rosser campus (700 Rosser St.).

Hurricane Harvey Relief

The coast of Texas, Houston, and surrounding areas have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  Cornerstone Church encourages everyone to be in prayer for the people of south Texas.  As a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America, we also encourage everyone to consider giving financially above and beyond their normal tithe to Cornerstone towards the relief efforts currently underway.  You can make contributions by going to https://go.efca.org/hurricane-harvey-response and making a contribution there (Cornerstone will not be taking contributions directly).  
Cornerstone is also considering sending teams into the affected areas to help with Recovery work.  If interested in participating in one of these teams, please contact Pastor Clovis at hurricaneharvey@prescottcornerstone.com.