Josh McClintock is the Youth and Family Ministries Pastor at Cornerstone Church. He began helping with the youth in 2007 and was led by God to begin teaching and leading the youth group in 2008. God then began to draw Josh towards family ministry, which he began to oversee in late 2015. Josh graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies.
Josh grew up in a non-Christian home and fell into the stereotypical teenage lifestyle of laziness, parties and self. Though blinded by sin at the time, Josh now sees that God was relentlessly pursuing him. At the age of 18 Josh attended the first church service of his life. During this service he received a phone call explaining his father had just passed away. It took an invitation to church, the death of his father, and a hug from a stranger to change his perspective on Christianity. Two months after his father passed, Josh experienced Christ’s forgiveness and gave his life to the Lord.
Josh’s prayer for Cornerstone is that the body of believers relentlessly, fearlessly and unapologetically pursue God’s will-no matter  the cost. His vision is to see believers, regardless of age, become bold disciple makers, persistent in proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Josh is married to his wife, Kati, and they have two adopted sons, Zandyr and Landon