Harv Smith

A retired USAF career officer and pilot, Harv Smith has had the opportunity to impact many lives for The Kingdom, across the globe.  He and his wife, Susan, have team-taught several classes, Bible studies and groups, and individually mentor growing believers.  Harv works in the construction business and became an Elder at Cornerstone in 2010.  He also serves as a volunteer chaplain at Yavapai Regional Medical Center.
Harv Smith gave his life to Christ in the midst of the Iranian revolution in 1979.  Caught in Iran as chaos erupted, he realized that the United States government, the military leadership and his own abilities could not control the situation.  Turning to the God his wife (who had already been evacuated) served and bore witness to, Harv found a peace he had never before known.  He has grown in his faith in God and served Him since.
Harv’s passion for Cornerstone is that it be a disciple-making and Kingdom-building church.  His hope is that as Cornerstone expands its role in the local community, it will be positioned to act as a catalyst in drawing evangelical, grace-oriented, Bible-preaching churches together to further The Kingdom.